Threat Protection

The rise of large malnets has turned malware into a highly lucrative business model that uses a combination of mass market malware and targeted, advanced persistent threats (APTs) to infect users or steal sensitive, proprietary information.

Web-based threats are device agnostic, targeting users on desktops, laptops and mobile devices alike.  The increase in mobile devices with access to the corporate network provides cybercriminals with a new high value target for attacks and creates a potential security risk for businesses.

Blue Coat Web security solutions are backed by the WebPulse Collaborative Defense, and protect users and data with the following:

  • Industry’s only Negative Day Defense that blocks attacks at the source before they launch
  • 75 million users worldwide who make more than one billion requests daily and provide WebPulse with a comprehensive view of normal versus abnormal Web traffic
  • Real-time, highly accurate content categorization that eliminates unrated content on the network
  • Support for more than 50 languages to block malicious content globally