Whats New

Norman Shark, a Blue Coat Company

Blue Coat joins forces with Norman Shark to deliver flexible, customizable sandboxing within a malware analysis context—and much, much more. The full menu of Norman Shark’s malware analysis technologies will empower more Blue Coat customers to take a true lifecycle defense against advanced persistent threats. See how we’re better together.

Advanced Threat Protection: Lifecycle Defense

Currently, there is a paradigm shift with regards to protection against advanced persistent threats. This new approach integrates real-time blocking and detection, dynamic analysis, and post-breach investigation and remediation. It closes the gap that exists between ongoing security operations and incident discovery, containment, and resolution. Learn how Blue Coat takes a holistic approach.

Content Analysis System

The Content Analysis System is a key product of the Blue Coat Security and Policy Enforcement Center, integrating real-time blocking of known advanced threats—through application whitelisting and dual anti-malware signature databases—with dynamic malware analysis, that uses state-of-the art sandboxing technologies. Read and reap.