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A Complete Lifecycle Approach to Advanced Threat Protection

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Due to the inevitability of advanced targeted attacks that fly under the radar of traditional, preventative-based security technologies, there is a shift toward a more modern defense-in-depth strategy—one that provides the intelligence, context, and real-time situational awareness needed to detect today's advanced threats.

This defense is the first to integrate a business process view that aligns with how your security team operationalizes new intelligence and technologies to fortify your security infrastructure against future attacks. Find out how  this approach will empower your organization, enabling you to adopt the best new technologies that drive your business.

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Next-Generation Malware Analysis for Advanced Threat Protection

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Security threats keep getting more sophisticated. So should your defenses - and your response to today's advanced threat landscape.The best security is about strengthening your defenses against all threats — known and unknown — and leveraging a global intelligence network to accelerate remediation and resolution.

Watch the Blue Coat webcast on advanced threat protection and in only 20 minutes, you'll learn about:

  • Today's advanced threat landscape and challenges
  • Intro to the Advanced Threat Protection Lifecycle Approach
  • Blue Coat's Content Analysis System and Malware Analysis Appliance
  • Top deployment scenarios


Hidden Risks Series: True Mobile Malware Protection, beyond MDM

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90% of enterprises will implement a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution in the next two years. How many realize that today's MDM solutions do little to protect against malware?

In this webcast series we present important new findings from ESG Research that unveil:

  • The latest trends in mobile computing
  • The top challenges for mobile security
  • The shortcomings of MDM-only solutions
  • What's needed to bridge the mobile malware gap


Finding Hidden Threats Within SSL/TLS Network Traffic

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More than one-fourth of all traffic inside any organization is encrypted with SSL/TLS. How do you ensure the encryption is hiding only sensitive data and not malware or exfiltration of your data? What steps should you take to ensure your traffic is appropriately monitored and analyzed when users are connecting through the firewall or even internally with the SSL protocol? In this webcast, we describe why and how to use a SSL/TLS decryption and filtering tool to enhance the effectiveness of SIEM collection, Data Loss Prevention, and Intrusion Detection or Prevention Systems.

Embracing Mobility: Liberate Employees to Work Their Way – and Empower Your Business

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The growing use of smartphones and tablets along with Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiatives are fundamentally changing the game. However, 76% of IT leaders see security as a barrier to enabling employees to choose their own devices, technology and applications at will*. You have the unique opportunity to empower your organization by helping it embrace the new possibilities of mobility and its promise of collaboration, productivity, and innovation— without compromising on security.

* According to a global survey of 1,900 IT and business leaders from the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU).

Big Data Security Analytics - Implementing Modern Advanced Threat Protection

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In this webinar you will learn how to:

  • Defend against malicious web sites and files, unknown and advanced malware, and zero-day threats with post-breach security for retrospective data capture, dynamic analytics, incident response and resolution
  • Detect viruses, malware and botnets missed by traditional security defenses
  • Understand how you can combine advanced web security and malware detonation with Big Data Security Analytics for unbeatable advanced threat protection.
Revolutionize Advanced Threat Protection

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Organizations are often blind to the activities of cybercriminals, hactivists and Nation States due to the fact that advanced malware and zero-day attacks fly under the radar of even the most fortified enterprises. As organizations adjust to today's 'post-prevention' world, the inevitability of advanced targeted attacks and security breaches is now an accepted reality. As a result, there is a shift toward cyberattack 'preparedness' and a strong post-breach security posture. With this shift comes a need for full security visibility, security analytics and dynamic threat intelligence.