Fake Scanners: Are All the Good Domain Names Taken?

December 2, 2009 - By Chris Larsen,

Looking through the logs today, I was reminded that I sometimes wonder if all the "good" domain names for "Fake AV Scanner" malware have been used up.

There were several names of the "someone already took the good name, so let's just append a number and register a new version" variety:

  • go-scan001.com
  • go-scan003.com
  • smart-scan009.com

There were several along the lines of "if we just string a whole bunch of words together, we'll get a name no one has taken yet":

  • online-bestfree-virus-scanner.com
  • scan.nowscanyoursecurity.com

And another batch that I thought at first were that type, but now I think they belong to a Bad Guy who just can't spell very well:

  • malware-scaner-online (in all three popular flavors: .com, .net, and .org)

(Because I did check, and all three names spelled correctly are actually available.)

--Chris Larsen