An Unfriendly Scam Network

January 28, 2014 - By Chris Larsen

Taking a quick look at some of our "shady neighborhood" logs last night, I found a promising-looking domain name: Unfortunately, it didn't exactly roll out the Welcome mat for me:

Screenshot of you-don't-belong-here message.

Fortunately, we're prepared for unfriendly Bad Guys. (And, as always, I have to wonder: Do they really think this sort of page will make us think, "Oh, pardon us. We thought something shady might be going on here, but you're obviously a respected, hard-working, normal Web site with nothing shady going on whatsoever. Sorry to have bothered you."? Seriously?)

In looking to see what might be up to, I found all I needed to know from a couple of his buddies:

screenshot of first shady/scammy offer


Quite a few video-related sites on were linking here. This one hints at the true business of this scam network, with the note that "You MUST complete a quick offer to access this stream..."

Let's dig around a bit more and find one that's a bit more talkative:

screenshot of second shady/scammy offer


That's more like it. Give up your e-mail address (and other personal data), fill out a survey (or two...), maybe download some adware, and you too will be able to watch movies on line!

Yeah, right.

We'll keep blocking these clowns, since they're the ones who "don't belong here" on our customers' networks.