FileThreat BLADE

The sheer number, size, and diversity of file types transmitted on the Internet just keep growing. Each file type introduces its own security risks. And collectively, those mushrooming vulnerabilities represent a huge risk for your workforce and your business.

Unless you’re using the Blue Coat FileThreat BLADE.

Deployed exclusively on our Security Analytics Platform, this software blade uses industry-leading file and software reputation intelligence to guard against known viruses and malware embedded in virtually any file type.

So you can protect your workforce against advanced threats while empowering it to access and use the applications of their choice. Plus, the FileThreat BLADE identifies known malware without the need for sandbox detonation of all suspicious files. Specifically, the Blue Coat FileThreat BLADE delivers:

  • Complete coverage of virtually all file types, including Microsoft Office documents, Adobe Flash and PDFs, Java, EXE files, email attachments, Android APK files, web objects, and more.
  • Reputation intelligence, gleaned from the Blue Coat WebPulse Collaborative Defense Cloud, helps you identify and avoid all the latest file-based attacks and exploits.
  • A single user interface that combines file threat intelligence, security analytics, and complete security visibility for all Blue Coat ThreatBLADES.
  • Integration with our Security Analytics Platform for drill-down into full payload information and evidence of any threat or persistent attack.

Leveraging the WebPulse Collaborative Defense Cloud

The Blue Coat FileThreat BLADE works exclusively with our Security Analytics Platform and is powered by the Blue Coat WebPulse Collaborative Defense Cloud, which maintains the latest data on all known files, good and bad. The Cloud also provides background processes that hunt for evidence of malware and malicious content—based on intelligence aggregated from 75 million endpoints. The WebPulse ‘network effect’ delivers unmatched visibility and intelligence to the Security Analytics Platform to quickly identify and resolve advanced file-based threats.