Manage Multiple ProxySG Appliances in One Place

Blue Coat Director gives you the power, control and visibility to ensure the success of your ProxySG deployment. Thanks to Director’s single, easy-to-use web interface, you can configure and manage all your ProxySG appliances wherever they reside on your network. You can also deploy, monitor and enforce security and acceleration policies on hundreds of appliances deployed worldwide. All without leaving your seat.

Automated job scheduling helps conserve bandwidth by allowing maintenance and updates, such as software and license upgrades, to be scheduled during off-peak hours. You can also update policies and ensure they are consistently enforced across your entire ProxySG deployment. And, with centralized management, you save time and reduce the security risk of needing to access the appliances themselves.

Get detailed reports on job status, key health statistics and performance per region. And, with real-time monitoring and alert filtering you can determine which issues require immediate action, where they are located, and more. You can also schedule reports during off-peak hours and deliver them as PDF files through email.

With Blue Coat Director, you can do all this and more:

  • Simplify maintenance and policy management
  • Monitor the performance of your ProxySG deployment
  • Securely manage appliances through any web browser
  • Provision new devices in five minutes or less
  • View detailed reports on health, job status and results



Director 510

Specs shown for the top-of-the-line. Full specs available in the datasheet.

Rack Mount Max Power Thermal Rating