Business Assurance Platform

Cornerstone technologies of an agile security framework.

Architect your business to achieve its full potential.

Security is often seen as protection against threats and attacks, a means of avoiding the catastrophic event that could cause the business to crumble. But there’s another way to see security—and a better way to extract business value from security technology.

Security can be the cornerstone upon which a growing, thriving business is built. It can be the rock-solid foundation that empowers the business to innovate, create new competitive advantages, and harnesses emerging opportunities.

Blue Coat believes that security is about what you make possible. And the Blue Coat Business Assurance Platform is about making business empowerment practical.

The Business Assurance Platform is composed of infrastructure and architectures that integrate with each other—and with existing network and security assets—to create an agile security framework that solves security challenges today, evolves with your business, and opens the door to new opportunities. It harnesses open technology and a strong, vibrant partner ecosystem to enable customers to integrate best-of-breed products and technologies as they emerge.

Business Assurance Platform Elements: